I need to do the second part of my Stardust Read Along discussion, but this week has been pretty busy and I haven’t had time to sit down and think about it yet. It will be coming soon!

In the meantime, the small people and I have been writing a bit of poetry inspired by the nicer weather.  I present them here for your reading pleasure  and for posterity’s sake. I have to say, I am rather mortified to be posting my very bad indeed poem, but the small people would only let me post theirs if I included mine as well. Poems are presented as written, mistakes included. I wish I could include the letter reversals as well, but I don’t think I have the right font for that!

Pippi’s Poem


SuN suN ArE you
iT is morning
HoPPing in HTHe PrAy
iT is VERY dEAUTifuL
in THE bAY

I love the bit about “the frogs hopping in the pray”. I tried to get her to explain what she meant, but she couldn’t. I think she just liked the sound of it. And that last word is “day”, even when I tell her which way round to write her “b” and “d”, she still manages to reverse them.  🙂


Betsy’s Poem

This is still a work in progress, but Betsy was happy for me to put what she’s got so far.

The SprinG Sings.

BLueBeLLs ring.
fLowers sing.
The Leaves on the trees
WHistle in the breese.
Cats meow and WriGGLe
FroGs croak anD GiGGLe.

I love her rhyme scheme here and the use of consonance as well. She was pretty pleased when I explained that she had used a poetic device that she didn’t even know existed.  🙂


My Poem

(Cringe… I cannot believe I am sharing it. I was embarrassed to let Betsy read it! I wrote it because Betsy wanted a poetry writing companion.)

Kiss from a Star: Spring

Fairytale princess – she has lain asleep.
Covered in darkness.
Life retreating within her.

Triumphant – he returns from the quest which led him away.

A kiss – joyful reunion.

Warmth runs through her.
Darkness fades.
Slowly her face turns towards him.
Life returns.

The Boy has not officially written any poetry lately. I believe he has regaled us with a few songs and he has certainly told many increasingly blood thirsty tales of Little Robot Jack’s adventures. But alas, none of it was written down.

I hope that you are all enjoying the spring whether you are in the UK where we’ve been waiting for it rather impatiently, or in the States where it may already be feeling like summer!


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