Hello There

I have decided to have a go at resurrecting this old blog. I have read a few blogs lately that are essentially just a record of the days of a home ed family, and I really enjoy them. So I am going to have a little go at doing the same myself.

So… for the first time ever, welcome to 24 hours of life in the Mallon family.

Our weekend was taken up with much decorating. At the beginning of the year, we set ourselves a goal of repainting all the main living areas plus the hall, landing, and stairs by the time my mum and sister come to visit in mid-September. Mr Mallon took a week off work in the spring, and we tackled the lounge and dining room, which was highly satisfactory. We bought all new furniture for the lounge and have spent the past few months basking in the glow of a job well done. Unfortunately, we may have basked a bit too much as until this past weekend we made no further progress with the still sizeable job left to do. I am beginning an OU course in October, which will be my first course working towards an English Literature degree that will take six years to complete. It’s my first proper studying since I left university 16 years ago to move to the UK. Last week my course materials arrived and I began making some actual plans for the work. Whilst doing so, the realisation struck me that we have four weeks until my mum and sister come, and my course begins straight after they go home. If this decorating malarkey is going to happen, it has to happen now and quick. So our weekend was spent in a flurry of hunting around in the shed for various tools, visiting B&Q multiple times, sanding, painting, and all the other sundry tasks involved in a bit of DIY. To show for our efforts, we now have one half built and half painted home made desk that will take up an entire wall of the dining room; a dining room table that now has two coats of gloss paint (we’re painting the top of it white); one chair with one coat of plum paint; a half painted landing, staircase, and ceiling, and a house which is mostly in a state of high disarray and looks likely to remain so for the next four weeks. Ho hum! Hopefully we’ll get it all pulled back together in time for the much anticipated arrival of the Americans!

Today, I did another coat of paint on the dining room table and desk, and the small people and I have run a bunch of errands (B&Q again, Asda, farm shop). After lunch, The Boy and I undertook a long awaited project for him. One of his current passions is volcanos. We’ve been reading library books all about them along with a bunch of Earth science related bits (layers of the Earth, tectonic plates, how volcanos form…). And today he built the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano. He decided to make his volcano into Mount Fuji (Japan is another current passion). It all went down pretty well and he seemed satisfied, which is great as he’s been wanting to do this for a while it would have been disappointing if it had failed to live up to expectations.

I got started on the chair sanding and painting (we’re painting all our dining room chairs in lovely bright colours which the small people picked out at B&Q this morning), kept the laundry going, and read some Goblet of Fire with Pippi. Whilst all the volcano action was going down, Betsey and Pippi played together beautifully, which is marvellous as it seems an increasingly rare occurrence these days. They founded a games club and have spent most of the day playing card and board games together. Pippi helped me paint the chair as it was in her colour, and Betsey and The Boy made cupcakes from a boxed mix.

All in all, it’s been a  highly productive and pleasing 24 hours. Long may it continue!

(PS. I am hoping to edit this post and add in some pictures as soon as I figure out how the heck to get them off my phone and uploaded to the blog. Wish me luck.)


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