Meet the Mallons


I realise that probably most of the people who look at this blog already know us, but I thought I would go ahead with a few introductions for posterity’s sake and to avoid any confusion with the kids’ blog aliases.


Betsy – Age 7.5

I told the kids that I would be giving them nicknames for the blog and asked if they had any ideas. My oldest daughter picked the name Betsy after the main character in her favourite books, the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace. Reading is a pretty recently discovered passion of Betsy’s. She has entered the phase where she sits up late into the night reading in bed. Oddly, this is the only time the child will read. She informs me frequently that she doesn’t like reading in the day; reading is, in her mind, an intensely private activity. Betsy certainly has strong ideas about things, and as her peculiar reading habits demonstrate, these strong ideas often go somewhat against the flow of normality. She is certainly a unique individual!



Pippi – Age (nearly) 6

I picked Pippi’s alias. Although she lacks sticky-out, ginger plaits and striped stockings, I think this second daughter of mine shares many attributes with the incorrigible Pippi Longstocking. She is immensely strong, incredibly mischievous, very generous and she has a heart of gold. Pippi comes from the school that tells us there is no such thing as  problem, just challenges to be overcome and puzzles to solve. This attitude of tenacity and determination to get what you want at all costs is a truly positive quality and will benefit her a great deal throughout her life, I’m sure; but it sure as heck makes for some interesting parental challenges!



The Boy – Age (nearly) 4

When I asked the kids their opinions on their blog names, The Boy got rather distressed. He’s a pretty big fan of his real name (he usually refers to himself in third person these days) and has never liked being called anything else even for pretend games. But he was completely satisfied with being “The Boy”. The Boy is our resident bard. He’s always telling a story, singing a song or telling a story through song. At this point in time, the literary merit of these stories and songs is somewhat questionable, but we have high hopes for the future. The hero of most of The Boy’s stories is his best mate and imaginary friend Little Robot Jack. Little Robot Jack is a robot-cat-pirate. He has graced our family with his feline charms for several months now, and not an hour (quite seriously) goes by in the day without some mention of his adventures. His life has become so colourful that we decided to keep a list of his most interesting characteristics.

  • He is very tiny and enjoys rides in people’s pockets and making nests in people’s hair.
  • He has chocolate teeth.
  • He is very clumsy – often falling down the riggings and walking off his own plank.
  • He has 9 heads and the middle head breathes fire and cannot be killed (like the Hydra from Greek mythology).
  • He washes his clothes with fire.
  • He bakes by putting food in lava.
  • He can turn into any animal that he wants at will.
  • Calico Jack (Octonaut Quasi’s Grandfather) is his cousin.
  • His chief nemesis is a Pirate named Chaos.


So there you go… a brief glimpse of our little family. And I would also like you all to know that I worked out how to upload those pictures all by myself without any technical assistance from Mr Mallon. Go me – Eshet Chayil. 🙂


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